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Prevail in Darkness – Lionheart

prevail-in-darkness-lionheartInformações do CD:
Banda: Prevail in Darkness
Nome do Álbum: Lionheart
Gênero: Melodic Death Metal
Gravadora: n/d
Ano de Lançamento: 2016
Tamanho: 120 MB
Formato: MP3
Qualidade: 320 Kbps


1. Take Your Fear
2. Down Through The Gardens
3. The Mirror Of Tragedy
4. Truth Unfolds
5. Lionheart
6. The Ice Storm (Instrumental)
7. The Light Will Rape Us All
8. My Journey Ends Within
9. Insanity Unleashed
10. All It Takes
11. Punishment Of Life
12. Suicidal Final Art
13. The Passage (Instrumental)


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